Benefits of an Allina Health account

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Easy tools for better care

The Allina Health account is your all-in-one patient portal to manage health care—for yourself and the whole family—all from your smartphone, computer or tablet, 24/7. It combines your MyChart electronic health record with online tools and features to make health care easier, faster and more efficient. So you can spend less time on your to-do list and more time on the things that matter most to you.

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Time-saving health care tools in your account


Care for the whole family


Download the mobile app

Manage your health care from the palm of your hand. Download our mobile app on your Apple or Android device. You’ll get capabilities of the Allina Health account, plus app-only features like turn-by-turn directions at some Allina Health facilities, fingerprint-enabled account access and more.


Fast, easy appointment scheduling online

  • Schedule in-person or virtual appointments with a click or tap.
  • Get reminders and calendar updates.

Secure medical messaging

  • Send messages to your care team 24/7, get a response during clinic business hours.
  • Review previous conversations with your provider.
  • Keep up with home-monitoring.

Lab results, electronic health records and more

  • Get lab results fast—within hours for most tests.
  • Review appointment notes and follow-up instructions.
  • See your health and immunization records all in one place.

Virtual care when you need it

  • Get on-demand virtual urgent care.
  • Join a virtual visit right from your account.


  • Track prescriptions and order refills quickly and easily.
  • Set up prescription mail delivery.


  • Manage bills and payments online.

Wellness support

  • Get “to-do” lists, so you never miss a milestone for managing your health.
  • Connect information from your own health apps, like Apple Health and more.
  • Take wellness assessments.
  • Create health care directives.


Manage your care, all in one place

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Need assistance?

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions on set-up, troubleshooting and more. Or call 1-866-301-6698 seven days a week, 6:30 a.m. to 9 p.m. if you are having trouble setting up an account.

Share your voice. Improve your care.

PatientWisdom is an online platform to express your thoughts and concerns—so your provider can deliver personalized care. It’s secure, confidential and built into your Allina Health account.