Researchers find 'tree inequity' for communities of color

[Fox 9 News, June 22, 2021] There’s a new research tool that shows how the number of trees planted in neighborhoods is a direct reflection of income and equity. Researchers from American Forests found that with few exceptions, trees are disproportionality planted in wealthier and whiter neighborhoods.

When you consider the income and compare the top 10 percent income in a city with the bottom 10 percent, the lower-income neighborhoods have 41 percent less tree cover. Health experts say areas with more trees tend to be cooler and healthier.

"When you have trees, you can bring your temperature down somewhere between 2 and 10 degrees just by having tree canopy," said Suzanne Hansen, an environmental sustainability specialist for Allina Health.

Posted on June 23, 2021 in DEI

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